Gulf Seafood LLC, a seafood processing company based in Dubai, has been serving the HORECA sector for over three decades. They are known for their top-notch frozen seafood and maintain high standards of quality and service. Their clientele includes 5-star hotels, fine dining establishments, chain restaurants, flight kitchens, catering companies, and distributors. 

Gulf Seafood has expanded their offerings to include frozen bakery products and flat breads. They also offer direct-to-consumer access with doorstep delivery services. In addition, Gulf Seafood is expanding its reach by co-packing private label brands globally and will be introducing their own brands in 2024, providing a diverse range of options for consumers.

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Product Range

Shrimp Products

Cooked, Blanched, Raw, Breaded,  PD,PDTO, PUD, HL, HLEP, HON, HONEP  Shrimp in IQF, Semi IQF and Block Frozen forms.


Squid Whole Cleaned, Squid Tube, Squid Ring, Scallops, Whole Mussel, Half Shell Mussel, Mussel Meat, Spanish Octopus, Baby Octopus.

Fish Products

Forms - Whole Fish, Fillet, Steak, Portion, Smoked Fish. Varieties - Salmon, Nile Perch, King Fish, Seabass, Black Cod, Atlantic and Pacific Cod.


Alaskan Cooked King Crab Claws and Legs, Norwegian King Crab Cluster Cooked or Raw, Blue Swimming Crab, Crab Meat, Soft Shell Crab, Snow Crab Clusters and Surimi Crab Stick.


Whole Lobster, Lobster Tail 

Breaded & Snack Food

Breaded Shrimp, Fish and Squid, Zinger Style Shrimp and Fish, Fish Finger, Burger and Nuggets. Snack Range like Samosa, Spring Roll, Puff Pastry.

Freeze Dried

State of the art Accelerated Freeze Drying Technology to produce any type of Freeze Dried Protein - Shrimp, Fish, Squid, Chicken or Meat!

Flat Breads

Frozen Tortilla, Chapati, Paratha, Naan, Pancake.

SFDA Approved

SFDA approved facility for export to SAUDI ARABIA for Cooked & Blanched Shrimp and Fish Products.

Providing customized solutions for Private Label and Contract Manufacture Products

Gulf Seafood is expanding its reach by co-packing private label brands globally and introducing our own brands in 2024, ensuring a diverse range of options for discerning consumers.

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Premium Quality Seafood from around the world!

Sourced from the finest waters around the globe, renowned for our commitment to excellence, we ensure that each product meets the highest standards of freshness and sustainability. Meticulously curated to satisfy the discerning tastes of gourmet chefs and seafood aficionados. With a robust supply chain and stringent quality control processes, we guarantee exceptional seafood that enhances culinary creations and dining experiences. Unparalleled quality and reliability in every bite!

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Value added Products!

Your reliable partner for all value-added product requirements, whether it be unique style coated seafood products or an enticing snack range! We offer you the best solutions for all your customization requirements.

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