About Us

Gulf Seafood LLC, located in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, is a reputable seafood processing company that prioritizes food safety and quality control. They adhere to the HACCP Quality Control System and hold certifications from BRCC, FSSC 22000, HACCP, HALAL, US FDA, and EU, allowing them to export globally. Their facility is equipped with modern amenities, including fully air-conditioned halls and a refrigeration plant that maintains a temperature of -18°C. With a storage capacity of 700 tons, they can effectively meet customer demands. Gulf Seafood's in-house laboratory ensures thorough testing to maintain high quality standards. They also offer Freeze-Dried Shrimp using exclusive Freeze Drying Technology. To uphold the cold chain, they have temperature-controlled delivery vehicles, guaranteeing product quality upon arrival. Gulf Seafood LLC is committed to delivering top-quality seafood products and being a trusted partner in the industry.

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Why Us

  • Strong emphasis on Food Safety & quality control with adherence to BRCC, HACCP and FSSC 2200 requirements.
  • Focused on sustainable and traceable seafood.
  • Embedded ESG culture, using Clean Solar energy, Effluent Treatment, Use of bio-degradable packaging, gender parity remuneration & corporate governance.
  • Specialized refrigeration plant for proper storage conditions.
  • Impressive in-house cold store with a 700-ton capacity.
  • Advanced laboratory for rigorous testing and quality assurance.
  • Only Freeze Drying Technology Facility in the Middle East
  • Fleet of temperature-controlled delivery vehicles for maintaining the cold chain.
  • Strategically located near the Jebel Ali Port enabling seamless logistics worldwide.

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To be the Best-in-Class regional seafood processing company focused on providing premium quality products to the HoReCa segment and Private Label brands in MENA; Salad Shrimp and Freeze-Dried Shrimp in the Americas, with a growing focus in the UAE on Sustainable seafood and building own brands. 


Gulf Seafood LLC is dedicated to maintaining its global reputation as a seafood processor by adhering to international quality standards and continuously benchmarking against industry leaders. The company focuses on implementing FSSC 22000/HACCP practices, meeting HALAL requirements, and ensuring quality product and service guarantees for customers. They prioritize sourcing high-quality raw materials, fostering fair relationships with suppliers, and providing regular feedback for improvement. Gulf Seafood LLC's well-trained and motivated workforce is the backbone of the business, with ongoing professional development and empowerment of managers to drive continuous improvement. The company also promotes a safe and inclusive working environment that encourages teamwork and employee engagement. Lastly, Gulf Seafood LLC is committed to satisfying shareholder goals, adhering to financial policies, and supporting the growth and development of all stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Food Safety is our primary concern. We will ensure that we supply safe product to the market through diligent and consistent implementation of FSSC 22000/HACCP system and adherence to the HALAL requirements, providing excellent service to our customers. We shall satisfy the regulatory requirements of Dubai, UAE and the importing countries.
  • All our employees shall strive to live the Enhance Group values of Be Accountable, Excellence, Service and Teamwork (BEST) and we shall recognize and reward outstanding contributions of employees who demonstrate these values in their daily work.

BE ACCOUNTABLE: We will be accountable and responsible for our actions. We will act with integrity having respect for our colleagues, customers, business partners and shareholders.

EXCELLENCE: We will strive for excellence by being passionate in our endeavour to deliver quality and continuous improvement. We will use our collective knowledge to grow as individuals and as an organisation, enabling us to generate new ideas to ensure sustained success.

SERVICE: We will seek to ensure that the highest levels of customer service are consistently delivered. We are empowered, we will act with speed and be passionate about exceeding expectations.

TEAMWORK: We are a committed team that values, respects and recognises every individual's contribution. We will utilise the knowledge of our people to encourage and develop leadership.

We recognize and reward our employees on a regular basis for demonstrating outstanding levels of achievement through pursuing these Values.